deTOUJOURS offers the original clothes and accessories that
inspire fashion, from the source of style. 

At the source
of style

Functional and long-lasting, still made by the ateliers who invented them, our designs were created for work, sports and cultural traditions and are durable in quality and in style, making them timeless.

At deTOUJOURS, we are passionate about the history and evolution of fashion and it is our mission to find treasures hidden in every corner of France and around the world; the go-to, iconic piece that lasts and to which those in the know will return again and again.

For deTOUJOURS, being modern today isn’t simply about buying the latest trend, it’s about investing in durable products. A concept of luxury connected to the noblesse of the materials and expert craftsmanship, to the histories of the products and their traditional manufacturers. 

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