Our Values

deTOUJOURS proposes original designs that have become legends in clothing and fashion history, invented by their historical and expert manufacturers not for fashion, but for work, sports and cultural traditions.


Continuously copied by fashion but never equalled, the products of deTOUJOURS have their unconditional aficionados. People of style adopt them from generation to generation, taking them out of their traditional contexts and reinterpreting them with brilliance. 

Product Selection

The clothes and accessories selected by deTOUJOURS have been tested by time and long use. They are solid as they were made for work, sports and cultural traditions, they are functional, authentic and made to last. They are the legacy of a universal savoir-faire and savoir-vivre.     


We go to the source of each clothing style and their associated expertise, wherever they are in the world in order to preserve precious craftsmanship and promote the authentic manufacturers. 


Our products should not be replaced but cared for, repaired, and their ageing, the softening of their fabrics and the deepening of their colors, only add to the beauty and uniqueness of their style.