Our Selection

deTOUJOURS is an online boutique that offers clothes and accessories that were not originally designed for fashion but for worksports and traditions. These pieces are still made by the artisans who invented them or by those who inherited their expertise, each of whom is the guardian of a unique and historical savoir-faire. Free from the traditional fashion calendar, we are building a living museum of clothing history.

The deTOUJOURS Style

deTOUJOURS selects the great classics of clothing and fashion history in their original shapes, that you are free to reinterpret in your own way, always in style and with comfort. Classic, original, trendy or avant-garde, it’s the use of the garment that will create its soul and enhance your personality

Quality Materials

We only choose the original designs, materials, colors and prints of each garment and accessory that we represent. This way, you will be sure to always find your personal favorite in the permanent selection of deTOUJOURS, year after year. In choosing the original clothes that were created for a specific use and made to endure repeated movements, you benefit from their unique features that often disappear in their fashion interpretations

For us at deTOUJOURS, being modern today is not simply about buying the latest trends. It is about investing in a long-lasting, timeless and solid wardrobe that has style and purpose. Preserve, care for and repair. A concept of luxury which is connected to the nobility of materials, fine craftsmanship and the history of the product rather than to ephemeral trends and logos. A durable investment which amounts to an economy and promotes the unique expertise and histories of the craftsmen who perpetuate their original designs.

Authentic Manufacturers

By representing these companies, deTOUJOURS works to preserve their unique skills and inventions, the world’s living cultural heritage, that make clothing history. The sizes and histories of our manufacturers are as diverse as their products, some of them are still traditional workshops who make their garments on demand, by hand, while others have become world leaders within their category. What they have in common is an original design.

Discover at the source of style, the authentic clothing and accessories from the worlds of sailing, fishing, horseback riding, hunting, golf classical dance and so on, mixed with folklore costumes, workwear and military uniforms.

An array of styles but always in their original, timeless designs that inspire fashion, to reinterpret, play with and love.