• The Companion Work Jacket in Corduroy
  • The Companion Work Jacket in Corduroy

The Carpenters Trousers in Corduroy

  • The wide corduroy carpenter’s trousers, in its original design for today’s work 
  • Material : 100% corduroy - velvet cotton 
  • Colour : Black 
  • This corduroy « half-balloon » trousers are made of thick 100% velvet cotton
  • The flared cut at the thighs and knees provides you comfort and freedom of movement. 
  • The crotch is 72 cm 
  • Weight 500g 

Consult the Lafont size guide 

Size 36 to 60
Product available for orders


Since 1844 LAFONT has been an integral part of French workwear, providing clothing for métiers as varied as carpentery, stonemasonry and car mechanics.  The brand specializes in the provision of safe and durable, yet comfortable and stylish workwear, to companies and craftsmen across a wide range of industries.

Dedicated quality control teams carry out numerous controls at every key stage of the manufacturing process, from the design stage (pattern making) to tailoring of the finished product.

Lafont retains the undisputed paternity of the authentic working blue.

Hijacked early on by aristocrats who wore LAFONT’s overalls while pruning their rosebushes, or hip New York freaks from the 70s, or Sophie Marceau in "La Boum", or Coluche onstage, Lafont is the happy owner of timeless cuts patterns. "


  • Material and care 
  • 100% Curdoroy 
  • Machine wash 40°
  • No bleach allowed 
  • Ironing at 110 degrees
  • Dry cleaning allowed
  • Machine drying prohibited



 Size Point Lafont  universal sizeChestwaist circumference (cm)
 hips circumference (cm)
36 XS 81-84 69-72  85-88
38 0 XS 85-88 73-76 89-92
40 1 S 89-92 77-80 93-96
42 1 S 93-96 81-84 97-100
44 2 M 97-100 85-88 101-104
46 2 M 101-104 89-92 105-108
48 3 L 105-108 93-96 109-112
50 3 L 109-112 97-100 113-116
52 4 XL 113-116 101-104 117-120
54 4 XL 117-120 105-108 121-124
56 5 XXL 121-124 109-112 125-128
58 5 XXL 125-128 113-116 129-132
60 6 XXXL 129-132 117-120 133-136
62 6 XXXL 133-136 121-124 137-140


Worship side

The largeot pants are carpenters pants made to climb on roofs, it goes with the corduroy Coltin jacket and its special collar, both pieces form the journeymen coded uniform. Their long-lasting tradition originates from the construction of cathedrals and the transmission of know-how, from the nobility of the wooden and architectural art of craftsmen. 

Adolphe Lafont is the first French to mass-produce, in Lyon, in the late 19th century, and he still produces it in his French factories. These trousers are a leading light that inherits the color code of the journeymen : black for the carpenters and beige for the stonemasons.

Practicality and sturdiness are the two essential components of this garment : quite flared on the thigh to be able to easily lower, even tighter on the calf and shrunken on the ankle (it has the shape of a « half-balloon»). It avoids the fabric gripping when carpenters climb up on roofs. They are in corduroy which make them very sturdy.  

The right piped pocket holds the measuring tape, the yellow pencil and the gauge. Just above, the gusset pocket holds chalk or garlic clove to relieve insect bites.

Their incredible shape, which we can find in different cultures and have the same use (as for instance, in Japan), gives a look that fits closely and high around the waist. It gives breadth in the legs movement and it also gets narrower around the ankles to prevent from gripping when craftsmen get off the roof.

For the young journeymen, this piece is a symbol. It is a ceremonial outfit, often worn with the walking stick and the corporative scarf. It is, therefore, a sign and symbol of belonging. This piece should not be washed but hit and brushed. This design is not a reedition but is truly adapted for a contemporary use and for current evolutions of carpenters work, without the space for braces, which are no longer use : the « coterie » needs a wider shape in order to bend down, but a narrower ankle to avoid tripping.