Levi Strauss & Co

Levi Strauss & Co, also known commercially as Levi’s is the oldest and most famous brand of jeans in the world. Levi’s is the quintessential jean, as we all know.

This family business was created in 1853 in America to supply heavy-duty work trousers for miners, rail workers and cowboys. In time, the jean was adopted by rockers, hippies, bikers and babydolls. Levi’s label encapsulates an America that is traditional, democratic and at the same time rebellious.

On the sleeve of his album “Born in the USA”, Bruce Springsteen wore a pair of Levi’s 501… The label’s long and impressive journey culminates in the 1990s.

Facing competition from the “fast fashion” and the advent of designer jeans, was is the end of Levi’s? Not for us here at deToujours.com. No never!

Levi’s 501 were created in 1890 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Such a legendary pedigree, of course it is fighting back! 


High waist jeans, straight leg, unisex, thick denim, 5 pockets with rivets and orange topstitching.


100% cotton.


US sizes, see the Levi's size guide below for exact measurements.

The sizes are small, we recommend that you go up one size for a tight fit. If you would rather wear them loose, choose 2 sizes above your regular size.

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The Legendary Vintage Levi's 501

75,00 €

The Legend of jeans, the vintage 501 model, from Levi’s.

  • Colour: sky blue. Note that all pairs are unique and that colours may differ slightly.
  • 80's high waist jeans
  • US sizes
  • Size advice: the sizes are small, we recommend that you go up one size for a tight fit. If you would rather wear them loose, choose 2 sizes above your regular size.

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Worship side

Created in 1890 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, the Levi’s 501 is the archetype of jeans, King of Denim and the greatest legend in the history of indigo.

We need to admit that the Americans really know what workwear is about as their history is made of technical prowess and masterly construction projects. Strauss and Devis quickly detected a market opportunity and would equip the workers in need of robust and comfortable clothing with denim (originally de Nîmes, France).

Its unique resistance and strength during the last 125 years of fashion history show its capacity to evolve with time, or rather the attachment of its devotees who have no desire to let it go.

Ultra-raw during its professional career at the start of 20th century (when it was called overalls), the 501 went under a drastic transformation in the 1930s that appealed to the youth (who did not want to wear “old people’s” jeans) and the braces, buttons and back belt were replaced with belt loops and the legendary Red Tab with the Levi’s signature.

During World War II and in a context of limited resources and rationing, the 501 didn’t lose its appeal but represented a natural part of a return to basics.

From the post-war period up until today, only a few minor changes have occurred; the cut has become straighter and more colour options have been added (white, black, beige…) as well as different faded effects (Stone Bleach, One Bleach etc.).

Being a high-end yet popular product, the 501 has many times been threatened by trendy, upcoming competitors (supported by large groups) and has gone through some difficult time periods. Today however, it is back in full force and will most likely remain so.

High waist, an androgynous straight leg, thick non-stretch denim, its famous 5 pockets with rivets and orange topstitching, the 501 was back in the time embraced by an avant-garde circle who recognized its unique qualities and timelessness. Today, every girl (and boy) of style has her (his) very own 501.

To find a second hand 501 is like finding the grail. The perfectionist looks for the 501 Big E identified by a capital E on the little red label (till 1971; after that date big “E” becomes small “e”). As for most people, they mainly look for that beautiful faded blue that only comes from having been worn and the original cut, obviously.

Always roll the jeans up over the ankles to lengthen your silhouette, but otherwise there is no particular advice to give: baggy or tight fit (especially tight these days), with flat shoes or heels, a simple white t-shirt or a backless leotard, silk or cotton, the right pair of jeans will adapt to any situation!