Balmoral Knitwear

The British company BALMORAL KNITWEAR has for five generations been supplying cricket clothing to professionals and amateurs of the game. BK is well-known for the quality of its knits and embroideries.

As supplier to the sports clubs across the channel, Balmoral Knitwear responds to the stringent demands of the cricket, polo or golf players for clothes of high technical quality, elegance and style traditionally associated with these sports. Expert in cricket sweaters bearing the colours of the club or the team, Balmoral Knitwear has managed to move with the times and still remains one of the leaders in the field.



This sweater is manufactured by the official suppliers to the British cricket teams. Made in UK.


50% wool, 50% acrylic.
Mix of soft merino wool and high quality acrylic.
Machine washable or handwash, 40C maximum.
Do not tumble dry.


Sizes: from XS to L.

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Cricket Sweater

99,00 €

The cricket sweater is a great classic in sporting elegance. We present 2 versions, with or without sleeve.
The V-neck with wide opening is edged with navy, red and sky blue. This sweater is manufactured by the official suppliers to the British cricket teams. Made in UK.

  • Unisex.
  • 2 versions: with or without sleeve.
  • Colour: cream with navy, red and sky blue edges.
  • Sizes: from XS to L.

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Worship side

The cricket sweater, without sleeve in the summer months or with sleeves when the weather turns colder, is a classic specimen of sporting elegance.

At deToujours, our sweater comes directly from the official supplier to the British cricket teams. Its regulatory cut gives it great elegance and it is a seriously good sporting garment.

The cricket sweater was first worn on British cricket pitches, but soon adopted by tennis and golf players, before becoming at the start of last century, an indispensable garment of masculine elegance worldwide. We can picture the Great Gatsby from Fitzgerald playing on those immense American lawns, or elegant French tennis players nicknamed “the four musketeers”. And also the cult TV series of “The Prisoner” steeped in this timeless elegance, where the cricket sweater gained public attention.

Since then, it has been spotted under a handsome tweed jacket in some Chelsea street, or with mini shorts, rollerblading on the Venice Beach concrete. Definitely preppy, it’s up to you how classical you want to be, and how much you wish to challenge its timeless image.

The origins of the cricket game are lost in the mists of time but it is forever known as a British aristocratic sport, where “Noblemen and Gentlemen” dictate the rules and inspire the spirit of the game and team fair-play.

The V-neck with wide opening is always edged with one or more colours, of the team or the club, which are repeated at the waist.

The cable knit design shows off the traditional expertise of the British Isles in woolen garments, and observes the etiquette in place on cricket grounds or tennis courts: white is compulsory there. But we like the lovely cream colour of the natural sheep’s wool.

It has been part of pop culture for a long time, 70s series such as “Doctor Who”, fashion trends which could make us forget the origins of the cricket sweater. Prêt-a-porter for men regularly draw inspiration from it, and women’s fashion is just as keen (UNIQLO, the sober DRIES VAN NOTEN, not forgetting the dynamic CHANEL).

Return to the source of cricket style with the authentic supplier to British cricket teams, and deToujours!