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Knickers, by Sugar

“Cult” knickers from Sugar in Richelieu stitch 100% cotton.
1980: Sugar invent sexy-boyish underwear. A worldwide clamoring for natural comfort in an era of glam and sequins. On the original looms that produced the tank tops for the Marseille dockers, they now create an irresistible pair of knickers in the same Richelieu stitch for which deToujours have the exclusivity.

Noble and natural materials, timeless and unique in style and colours.

  • Size: available in 2 sizes, 1 (36-38) and 2 (38-40).
  • Colours: white, grey, blue, pink.
For hygienic reasons, underwear must be returned in perfect condition, unworn and unwashed. We kindly ask you to try them on over your personal underwear. Otherwise, we will not be able to refund your item.

“Cult” knickers from Sugar in Richelieu stitch 100% cotton.

Size 1/2/3/4
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The founding family of SUGAR, clothes manufacturers and leathermakers, by chance discovered a large stock of sleeveless t-shirts (known in the U.S. as wifebeaters) at the end of the 1970s and bought it.  They decided to hand-dye part of this stock in trendy colors in order to appeal to women.  Eventually SUGAR started producing the t-shirts themselves, maintaining their beautiful ribbed quality and timeless appeal.


Richelieu stitch woven on authentic looms from early last century. Noble and natural materials, timeless models and original colours.


100% cotton, woven and dyed in Marseille.
Warm wash separately at 30C.


Available in 2 sizes: size 1 (36-38) and 2 (38-40).

Tank top


Armhole height

1 52 -> 70cm 48cm 17cm
2 56 -> 80cm 54cm 20cm


1 56 -> 62cm
2 60 -> 70cm

Worship side

The dockers tank top is woven to an original design on authentic looms. Previously made as underwear for the dockers of Marseille.

The Marseille docker was called “débardeur”, because his work consisted in unloading (débarder) all kinds of goods all day long on the docks. The term “débardeur” attributed to the underwear first appeared in the 19th century.

The founders of the SUGAR company, a tailoring and leatherwork business, fell upon a stock of those tops at the end of the 1970s and bought the lot. The genial idea was to reinvent this traditional garment to appeal to women, by dying it in fashionable colours, kaki green, pastel blue and pink.

In St Tropez, the faded colours and the skin-tight fitting hit home and the SUGAR tank top became an overnight sensation. SUGAR took off and the fashion media played the game with the “boyish” look of the reductive, sexy and comfortable undergarment. SUGAR at the last minute had the opportunity to purchase the original looms and continue weaving those ribbed tubes with maximum stretch, long lasting comfort and 100% cotton.

SUGAR was the first to introduce into the ready-to-wear market the initial undervest before it became a fashion classic. Masters in the art of dyeing, they continue to explore colour processes in-house, in the 12th arrondissement in Marseille. The whole assembly line is integrated, from weaving to cutting, from dyeing to retail. 

France, Switzerland, United Kingdom or the US, the dockers tank top from SUGAR continues its journey.  80s fashion magazines are full of images of muscular rugged men climbing ladders in their undervests. The humble tank top has arrived!

The label then creates the SUGAR knickers in the same ribbed cotton, with – a charming detail – a tie at the waist: to continue the juvenile theme in the same way as the Marcel slip worn by women. Success again!

This goes to show that natural comfort has its place in an era of glam and sequins.

Again today, SUGAR weaves this traditional garment on the well maintained original looms. They still continue to build up their expertise in colour dyes and preserve the precious shades in their own private museum.