The liner ALS M-65

The ALS (Alpha Liner System) liner in tear-proof nylon, originally developed for the M-65 jacket. 

Olive green color. 

Available in size XS, S, M, L. 

Product available with different options

Alpha Industries

ALPHA INDUSTRIES are one of the most legendary equipment suppliers to the US Army. They specialize in the manufacture of army jackets and bomber jackets destined to the US Air Force and the Navy. Alpha Industries are direct descendants of three companies: Superior Tags Corporation, Rolen Sportswear and Dobbs Industry which joined together in the ‘40s to honour a contract with the US Ministry of Defense.

Alpha have continued ever since manufacturing flight jackets, in collaboration with the most prestigious among them, and are without question THE reference in flight jackets. In opening up to the wider public, the manufacturer has always preserved the historical links with the US Air Force, as in the original military codes: B-15, M-A1, M65, B3...

Thanks to Alpha, the flight jacket in its many forms has become the recurrent element of the male wardrobe. It embodies both the history of aviation and that of pop culture.

Worship side

What we call liner jackets are simply the quilted nylon linings of military jackets, and more precisely the ones of the M-65, the legendary multi-pocket parka, designed by the American army supplier Alpha Industrie in the 60s for the soldiers during the Vietnam war, but turned in a second time into a myth thanks to the anti-militarist counter-culture: Irony of the fate. 

The researches of the industrialist Dupont de Nemours allow the military equipment to become lighter with the development of the nylon. We then see appearing the bombers as we know it in all the cockpits of combat aircraft instead of the woolen skin turned, but also these liners which will replace definitively those in wool.

Worn not as a liner but as a jacket, it becomes a garment in itself, with a unique look and its technical qualities preserved : light, warm and tearproof. 

A wave coming from Japan, fond of American military stock after the war, introduced this quilted piece as a pinnacle of cool. Many were already unhooking the liner from the inside of their jacket to wear it by itself, for practical reasons. Indeed, it is the removable part of these army cross-country jackets that can be fastened with buttons in winter to stay warm  and can be removed in summer. 

It is nevertheless from the very beginning thought to have a use besides its parka : its pockets, its ribbed cuffs, and its gimped edges to consolidate its clean cuts. 

Every gram worn counts in these contexts of military operations, everything is transformed and used to its full potential.

Without a collar because the liner jacket is only the addition of a set already provided with another very technical collar, this cut, which is its signature, became an inspiration for fashion that quickly reclaimed it also for its round collar.

A very detoujours garment where form and function melt into a single necessity, and a garment to which Japanese brands (Uniqlo, Comme des Garçons) have already paid tribute.