Le Béret Basque
  • Le Béret Basque
  • Le Béret Basque
  • Le Béret Basque
  • Le Béret Basque
  • Le Béret Basque
  • Le Béret Basque
  • Le Béret Basque
  • Le Béret Basque
  • Le Béret Basque

The original French Basque Beret

Here is the one and only Basque beret. Handmade by the last historical beret-maker in waterproof, felted Merino wool. Delivered in a beautiful box.

  • Colours: night blue, black, burgundy.
  • Unisex.
  • One size.
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Founded in 1830, the house of Laulhère is today the only remaining historic beret-maker in France and has a unique and exceptionally ancient heritage. They make the berets according to traditional processes and all production takes place in their historical premises in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, at the foot of the Pyrenees.

Their unique know-how was recognised in 2012 by being awarded the Living Heritage Enterprise label which promotes French know-how and excellence, and the Guaranteed Made in France label shared by only 350 companies that meet the stringent specifications for made-in-France claims. Their mission is to preserve this invaluable cultural practice as part of France’s heritage and is working to resurrect the beret in France and around the world.

With unsurpassed raw materials, traditional hand-crafted production, and age-old know-how, Laulhère’s workshops all come together to make the beret a noble product. It takes two full working days to make one, and sometimes longer, and a vast number of checks and adjustments to make each item a unique piece.

A national symbol for the French and recognized the world over, the beret is the encounter between tradition and a desire for freedom, elegance and non-conformism, making it a timeless must-have.


Made in France. 


100% Merino wool, acetate lining acétate in bordeaux. 
Dry clean only.


One size fits all

Worship side

The beret is so closely knit into the French culture and alongside the baguette, it is the symbol of French recognition all over the world. Worn throughout the French countryside as well as the cities, the beret is just so Basque, so Parisian, just so French. We remember our grandfathers wearing them with a baguette under their arms, our great grandfathers, painters (Monet above), the captivating flappers of the 20's and 30’s, from Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbot, Lauren Bacall and Michèle Morgan…


To the contemporary, sensual and wild girls of the 60’s and 70’s, like Brigitte Bardot, Anna Karina, Faye Dunaway and Charlotte Rampling…

Debbie Harry and Johnny Rotten of the underground rock…

And then to the pop culture, from Super Dupont to Saint Laurent models. The references are countless, prestigious and sentimental. What could possibly be so chic and so popular at the same time if not the beret?


Its origins are a bit blurred, but what we do know is that the "Basque" beret is in fact a “Bearn” beret (a neighbouring region). It was the Bearn shepherds that first hand knit the beret and felted the wool in the mountain waters producing a remarkably robust hat that protected against the harsh summer sun and cold winters. It became the shepherds’ sign of recognition and even the official headgear of the Pyrenees Mountain guides.

The term “Basque beret” became fashionable when Napoleon III took a liking to this curious hat on his frequent visits to Biarritz where he built the beautiful Palais de Biarritz. Many of the laborers wore the useful flat hat for the same reasons the Bearn shepherds did. Thus, the term Basque beret became popular and because the Basque people are seasonal travellers, the name was exported all around the world.

deTOUJOURS went to the source of this style, to the legitimate and last manufacturer, to the house of Laulhère, labelled “living heritage company” that have made the traditional berets by hand for over 200 years. So here you have it, the authentic Basque beret for girls and boys, for the ingenious students jumping between classes to handsome gentlemen and sophisticated ladies with their cigarette cases as well as the laid-back ones, enjoying a game of boules in their berets and espadrilles.