Guy Cotten

The go-to manufacturer of the marine world,a family-run business based in Brittany in France.

For over 50 years Guy Cotten has been making foul-weather gear and high-quality marine clothing.  Headquartered in Brittany, all products are made in their own factories in order to maintain close quality control.    The company remains, to this day, a family-run business.

The go-to manufacturer of the marine world, GUY COTTEN currently employs over 300 people worldwide and continues its innovations and experiments in search of comfort, durability, and safety for men at sea.

GUY COTTEN has become the undisputed expert in high frequency welding and thermo-taped seams. Since its inception the company has designed and manufactured their clothing with great precision to be able to offer a professional quality second to none.

GUY COTTEN’s idea of sustainable development: effectiveness and toughness are the qualities required by their customers for the ultimate in protective clothing. They attach great importance to this, a factor that develops loyalty from the people who wear the brand.

This is a more economical approach than using “disposable” clothing. GUY COTTEN provides a formidable “After Sales” service, which means less renewal, fewer raw materials consumed, and therefore less waste to treat – a very simple gesture which has an immediate impact on the future of our earth.


Traditional cap manufactured in the Guy Cotten workshops.


Cap in wool cloth, 70% wool, 30% polyamide.
Colour: navy only. Showerproof fabric.


Size guide: head circumference: from 54 to 62cm.

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The Traditional Breton Fisherman Cap

36,00 €

The traditional cap in navy wool cloth, worn by Breton fishermen. Also the essential accessory of Swinging London.

  • Product details: traditional cap manufactured in the Guy Cotten workshops.
  • Care instructions: cap in wool cloth, 70% wool, 30% polyamide.
  • Colour: navy only. Showerproof fabric.
  • Size guide: head circumference: from 54 to 62cm.

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Worship side

royal nay

The history of this cap goes back to the 19th century, when it was worn by senior officers in the Russian and Prussian armies. It later spread to the working classes and was adopted by men in northern Europe.

When the Royal Navy adopted it, British men followed… and a few decades later it was taken up by the Swinging London, the new wave as well as European intellectuals and rock n’ roll aficionados.

There was a time when you couldn’t really be cool without it, matched with a pair of desert boots.

beatles hat

The Beatles succeeded made it cult, also Polanski and Jackie Stewart, the racing driver, who both embody daring masculinity; though Francoise Hardy, Catherine Deneuve, Anna Karina gave it a touch of glamour and turned it into an icon.

On any the catwalk or backstage area, there is the legendary cap. It goes with everything, winter or summer.

Make sure that you choose the original model, made for sailors by experts in nautical equipment, and immortalized by the famous personalities that were mentioned earlier.

Put on a smirk, wear your cap and the trick is done: You Rock!