Manifatture Mario Bianchetti

Manifatture Mario Bianchetti, Roma.

The Bianchetti family is the main supplier of ecclesiastical clothing from Italy, and one of the suppliers to the Vatican. Bianchetti is the expert in high quality sacred garments. For many generations, it has manufactured and supplied the same liturgical garments to a world where dress code has hardly changed since the 12th century and a simple alteration is considered a “revolution”.






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Nun Pinafore Dress

60,00 €

The authentic ecclesiastical garment. Sleeveless pinafore dress of the nun.

  • 2 sizes: S and M.
  • Opening at the back.
  • We recommend you fasten it at the back with a small stitch if you wish to wear it without undergarment, as shown on our photo.

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Worship side

“Elegance is less” said Coco Chanel? Even if you like wearing sequins, glitter, furs and sumptuous embroideries, why not try the uncontested elegance of a strict monastic garment?
A theme in fashion circles for a very long time.

Several fashion trends, headed by St Graal of Antwerp, advocate a return to sobriety in their creations, which they assure doesn’t restrict the seduction aspect. Calvin Klein, Raf Simons, Celine, Comme des Garçons, in particular have rejected artifice with a resounding success.

Monastic fashion was first explored as elegant and modern by designers in the 1920s and reworked in the following decades with some brilliance. (Jeanne Lanvin and Valentina Schlee).

Monastic fashion owes a crucial debt to the avant-gardist culture of that time for its simplified, clean and geometrical designs. Later, the 60s will turn to the monastic lines for a new futuristic approach, reflection of contemporary art at the time.

Basic designs draw from the starkness and sobriety of the religious garment and privilege the materials, a new interpretation of luxury. Marni is the master in monastic fashion, then Kenzo followed by The Row.

The nun pinafore dress is an authentic garment from the Roman tailoring business that supplies the Vatican. The dress scrupulously follows the pattern common to all communities of nuns. At deToujours, we return directly to the source to present this quintessential ecclesiastical garment, with its traditional cut and quality materials.

Italian fashion advisors have known for a long time about this secret address: from one generation to the next, this is the place to come for the best cut blouses and pinafore dresses, and each time to play with the codes. The sober lines and neutral colours bring out the skin, hair and eyes.

The exceptional quality of the cotton fabric (black or white only) is enhanced by a very simple design. Usually worn over a long dress, it is very open on both sides which deserves a new interpretation: on the side, by subtly revealing the breast, or wearing a string vest or bandeau. With only 2 buttons for closure, it is recommended to fasten it at the back with a small stitch.

It has 2 pockets and is comfortable. Its length is in our opinion an integral part of the look. Wear it with super high heels or flat leather pumps, this ecclesiastical garment is versatile, elegant and ideal as a summer dress.

Only 2 generous sizes available, this is not a fitted garment and it is up to you to adjust it or wear it loose (very attractive with flat sandals).

See you at the monastery! Here St Laurent, Alexander Mac Queen, JW Anderson, Valentino…