Le K-Way du motard
  • Le K-Way du motard
  • Le K-Way du motard
  • Le K-Way du motard
  • Le K-Way du Gendarme
  • Le K-Way du Gendarme
  • Le K-Way du Gendarme

The K-Way Biker's Jacket

The model Manfield Thermo plus from K-Way is an iconic jacket for bikers that was worn by the French Police Force in the 70's.

  • Waterproof nylon jacket.
  • Windbreaker, lightweight and breathable.
  • Thermo lining 90% goose down.
  • K-Way logo on the breast.
  • Colours: navy, army green.
  • Refer to the size guide.


Paris – 1965:  Léon-Claude Duhamel, having grown up in the textile industry, observes attentively as people rush by in soaking wet clothes. It is in these elements that the K-WAY is born: a lightweight, unisex nylon windbreaker, folded into a small hip bag.

Soon everyone begins to look to the practical jacket with enthusiasm, happy to leave the old umbrella at home. In the first year alone more than 250,000 pieces are sold. Perfected with time in terms of practicality and breathability, in 1970 the presentation of the new seasonal collection was met with great success.  The K-WAY grew so widely popular that it became a generic term. 

With it’s worldwide success, K-WAY contributed to the modernization of the textile industry in France.  However, a factory fire in 1992 shut down production until an Italian company took over the brand, ever faithful to its classic allure, and was responsible for their comeback.  The K-WAY jackets represented by DETOUJOURS are the cult models – as practical and elegant as the originals from the 60s and 70s.  


Nylon Plus jacket. Iconic uniform of the French Police Force.
Windbreaker. Waterproof. Lightweight. Breathable. Thermo lining 90% goose down.
4 Flap front pockets with snap button closures. Useful inner pocket. Heat sealed seams.
Hidden hood.
Adjustable snap button closures at the wrists. Inner waistband drawstring. Heat sealed seams.
K-Way logo on the breast.


Nylon, washable at 30C, folds into its kangaroo pouch.
Waterproof, strong, breathable, easy to fold and to look after.



InternationalFranceUnited Kingdom
S 36 8 32 40 34 7 8 4 0
M 38 10 34 42 36 9 10 6 1
L 40 12 36 44 38 11 12 8 2
XL 42 14 38 46 40 13 14 10 3
XXL 44 16 40 48 42 15 16 12 4

Worship side

The design of the Manfield Thermo jacket is directly inspired from the legendary M-65 jacket, the US technical Field Jacket that young American soldiers wore in Vietnam. In the 70’s, it was K-Way’s turn to supply the French police force with a French version of the M-65.

At a time when the French police uniforms were still pretty conservative, the Manfield gave French police officers a fresh and modern elegance so typical of the 70’s. This model kept the police officers warm and dry for many seasons and has proved itself as a solid jacket, throughout the roads of France and on the backs of the motor squads.

Here is simply the perfect combination of style and efficiency. A K-Way that besides offering protection against wind and rain, gives warmth and isolation thanks to its feather and down lining.

New technical features have been added since and the Manfield Thermo Plus has been widely adopted by the young city people and bikers, for its sexy elegance as much as its weatherproof qualities.

With its heat-sealed seams, Nylon Plus, its retractable hood and lining in 90% down and 10% feather, it knows how to protect you against the elements.