List of products by brand Montgomery

the world oldest duffle coat company

 Montgomery are known for supplying garments to the British Admiralty since the 1890s. they are an illustrious member of the British textile industry and holds the patents for the original sailor coats and duffle coats. These have since become classics in outerwear.

This unique British know-how is part of the history of Britain as an Island nation, moved by a desire to conquer the seas and explore the world. Over the centuries, the garments have evolved into a perfect combination of comfort, attention to detail and durability.

Based in Northampton, the “Ideal Clothing Company” was among the first to manufacture the famous duffle-coats for the British Royal Navy. This company changed its name in 1987 to Montgomery in homage to Field Marshal Montgomery who wore the duffle coat and ordered it for the troops during WW2.

As in 1890, Montgomery still make duffle coats and sailor coats entirely in England and remain THE reference in nautical outerwear.