Le pull d'officier de la marine
  • Le pull d'officier de la marine
  • Le pull d'officier de la marine
  • Le pull d'officier de la marine
  • Le pull d'officier de la marine
  • Le pull d'officier de la marine
  • Le pull d'officier de la marine
  • Le pull d'officier de la marine
  • Le pull d'officier de la marine

Navy officer's reinforced sweater

Navy officer’s sweater, reinforced elbows and shoulders. 100% wool.

The model is wearing size 3 for an oversized style.

Slim cut.

Made in Bretagne, France.

Size 1/2/3/4
Product available with different options

Le Minor

LE MINOR was a label created in Pont-l’Abbé, very near Quimper (Brittany, France) in 1936.

Since then, the brand has succeeded in incorporating the region's proud nautical textile heritage into its garments. First purchased in the 1980s by the Manufacture de Bonneterie Lorentaise in Guidel, near Lorient, it was taken over in 1987 by the Grammatico family from Northern France who gave the knitwear and hosiery business a new lease of life.

LE MINOR manufactured clothing for the French Navy up until 2010 (when the latter decided to use suppliers from Romania). This precious heritage makes LE MINOR the uncontested leader in nautical workwear. The quality is based on long acquired expertise and is irreproachable. 15 years ago, all the cotton and wool used in the manufacture came from northern France. Today there are no textile mills left in France and the supplies come from Germany or Belgium (cotton) and Switzerland, Austria or Italy for wool. The fabrics are dyed in South West France.

Sailor suits, Breton sweaters, beanie hats, scarves, the whole wardrobe of the Breton sailor and the National Navy continue to be designed and manufactured by LE MINOR, the best of its kind.


100% wool. Made in Bretagne, France in accordance with traditional methods.

Unisex model.


100% wool.

Handwash only at low temperature.

 Size equivalences:

0 = XS

1 = S

2 = M

3 = L

4 = XL

5 = XXL

Normal sizes, we recommend that you choose your usual size.

Worship side

The reinforced navy officer’s sweater is a renowned classic of the French Navy and has been worn for over 100 years. It represents one of the pieces that complete the navy uniform and has been designed to support heavy work with its reinforced elbows and shoulders. The shoulder pads are used to attach ribbons indicating one’s ranks in the hierarchy on board. This is not a sweater that you exchange each year, but a piece made to last a lifetime.

The model is not exclusive to the Navy but is also worn in other military branches in different colour codes that all indicate which branch you are serving in. The design, however, is the same and respects all safety and quality standards. The hunting domain has copied the sweater’s essentials and the fashion industry reinterprets it continuously in ready to wear collections. For decades, the officer sweater has been worn outside the Navy and is frequently adopted by trendy city people.

Going back to the source guarantees a real purpose of each garment and an irreproachable quality, without paying extra for marketing aspects and quality that does not go beyond the visual. It is an investment. The authentic navy officer’s sweater is not only comfortable but it is also flame-resistant and designed for the highest safety and durability during military activities as well as cold and humid climates. Quality must therefore comply. Knitted in high quality wool, the cut is relatively slim, giving a timeless and chic look. The sweaters are made in Bretagne in accordance with the traditional methods of Le Minor, the historical supplier of the French Navy.