In 1947, Rose Repetto creates her first ballet shoes on the advice of her son Roland Petit, in a tiny workshop near the National Opera of Paris.

In 1956, on Brigitte Bardot's request, Rose Repetto creates the “Cendrillon” ballerina and dedicates it to her. For BB, this ballerina will always be a part of her success in Vadim's film “And God Created Woman” from 1956.

Rose Repetto opens her first boutique at 22 Rue de la Paix in Paris in 1959. It becomes the place frequented by the world's prima ballerinas: Bejart, Noureev, Barychnikov, Carolyn Carlson, the Kirov at the 'Folies Bergères', all are supplied with their dancing shoes and garments by Repetto.

With a view to expanding her company, Rose Repetto establishes a factory in Saint Medard d'Excideuil in Dordogne in 1967. Nowadays, the pointe shoes and ballerinas are still made using the famous 'stitch and return' method with the highest skill.

In the 70’s, Serge Gainsbourg got fascinated by the “Zizi”, a shoes model, created by Rose Repetto for Zizi Jeanmaire her daughter in law. He became the ambassador of the brand.

Repetto is above all the number one reference for dance equipment, especially for ballet, and the supplier of the most prestigious dancers, from top till toe.


Clothes of the dance collection are created thanks to our know-how that is developed since 1947.


Wash inside out with similar colours. Do not iron.
50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic.


Refer to size guide.

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Warm-up Dance Overall

70,00 €

Anthracite grey overallwith large straps. Tight ribs on top and ankles. R Jacquard logo in matching tones on the leg.

  • Colors : Anthracite Grey.
  • Size : XS to L.

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Worship side

Classical dancers are obliged to respect the rulebook that dictates their apparel but during warm-ups, they are free to express their personal styles. It is at these moments that you notice the modern influences within the Opera, a fascinating mix of creativity and functionality (in order to warm up muscles and articulations) expressed ever so gracefully.   

The warm-up overall in grey mesh is one of these timeless must-haves. Wear it in its beautiful simplicity on your bare skin or slip it on over a t-shirt, a few layers of leotards or/and your favourite worn-out sweatshirt.

If the classic and graceful style of the ballerina has inspired fashion, the warm-up sessions have proved to be even richer, that studio moment, when the dancers can just let go and express themselves fully. Fame is not far off, Jane Fonda and her aerobics neither, except the colours. It’s in the ballet rehearsal studios that you will find that unique way of combining layers, invented by the dancers themselves, in order to protect fragile parts on their bodies. Other dance disciplines have drawn inspiration from the unique and sensual allure of the ballerina, perfectly conscious of her body and movements. The worn out is cherished, grey is an unspoken rule, mesh fabrics, soft wool and cotton fleece are prime materials.

Ideal for warm-ups and for leaving class in a cocoon of cosiness, the warm-up dance overall is not and should not be restricted to the dance studio but this comfortable basic has a sexy side that allows for a cool city look.