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In the South American prairies, the gauchos are the lords of the land. Kings of the Argentinean pampas, they are guardians of the herds, as well as guardians of the fields. Probably of Quechua origin, gaucho means " lonesome ", " wanderer ", " peasant " or " lover ", in an obvious synthesis which says well the love of this rider for his lands, but also this essential quest for freedom. As a true Argentine cowboy, he crosses the infinite spaces of the pampas in search of his herds as well as his independence. The gaucho chooses an austere, isolated life where nights under the stars are frequent, and the guitar is his best partner. It is not uncommon, however, for the gaucho to settle in a small rancho, settle down and start a family. The gaucho remains a key figure in Argentine culture, especially since the 19th century and the wars of independence. Ally of the armies of liberation, he is still considered today as an icon of courage and honor. 

The gaucho wardrobe is part of this mythical heritage of the brave and free cowboy. At deTOUJOURS, we seek the gaucha outfit at its source, at our historical manufacturer, established since always in Buenos Aires.