List of products by brand Artisanat Mexicain

The crafts presented at deTOUJOURS come from the state provinces of Oaxaca and Chiapas, whose weaving and embroidery techniques on pedal looms and even - much rarer - on belts are patrimonial treasures of Mexican culture.

These treasures are brought back to you thanks to the passion of a French woman, Pascale Charmet, who has been studying the language and culture of this country where she travels regularly for more than 30 years, to the point where for the last ten years she has been involved in the preservation and development of the ancestral textile expertise of the indigenous villages of Central America. She has built up a relationship with many communities in Mexico, and has fully intsirenaegrated the rhythm of the craftswomen who take several weeks to weave a Huipil (tunic), poncho or dress. It is not a question of quantity, but of patience and admiration for the exceptional quality of the work, which is only possible in this context.

Meaning of the patterns, origins of natural vegetable dyes and the different weaving techniques, travelling from village to village according to the specialities of the different communities : Pascale provides guidance to deTOUJOURS and spends time understanding their stories, their symbols and their ways of working. 

She develops small-scale employment - in remuneration for the time spent so that the women at work can make a decent living from this manual work - and thus contributes to safeguarding these skills in a sustainable way. deTOUJOURS' role is to make this authentic source of inspiration desirable, by supporting it with your orders and disseminating it .