List of products by brand K-Way

Paris – 1965:  Léon-Claude Duhamel, having grown up in the textile industry, observes attentively as people rush by in soaking wet clothes. It is in these elements that the K-WAY is born: a lightweight, unisex nylon windbreaker, folded into a small hip bag.

Soon everyone begins to look to the practical jacket with enthusiasm, happy to leave the old umbrella at home. In the first year alone more than 250,000 pieces are sold. Perfected with time in terms of practicality and breathability, in 1970 the presentation of the new seasonal collection was met with great success.  The K-WAY grew so widely popular that it became a generic term. 

With it’s worldwide success, K-WAY contributed to the modernization of the textile industry in France.  However, a factory fire in 1992 shut down production until an Italian company took over the brand, ever faithful to its classic allure, and was responsible for their comeback.  The K-WAY jackets represented by DETOUJOURS are the cult models – as practical and elegant as the originals from the 60s and 70s.