Societé BOSABO has been the keeper of the French craft of clog making for more than 120 years. A family business deeply rooted in French soil and devoted to the preservation of its precious know-how, Societé Bosabo is resolutely embracing the future and exporting its beautifully crafted leather and wood footwear worldwide.

For environmental reasons, the skins are tanned then dyed using vegetable-derived solvent-free water-based impregnation dyes. The top quality leather originates mainly in France and to a lesser extent Europe, and the wood comes exclusively from forest management schemes recognised by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). As to the outsoles, they are made of rubber or recycled/recyclable materials.


Quality leather and vegetable-based tanning process, wood from the forests of Brittany.


Wood and leather. 


From 35 to 42 (one size above your normal size for a more comfortable fit).
Refer to the size guide.

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The Authentic French Wooden Clogs

95,00 €

The authentic French wooden clogs from Bosabo.
Quality leather and vegetable-based tanning process, wood from the forests of Brittany.

  • Colours: black or brown.
  • Sizes: from 35 to 42 (one size above your normal size for a more comfortable fit).
  • Unisex.

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Worship side

The clog makes a regular comeback to the catwalks, and because of the specific expertise required, the designers partner with true clog making specialists for their creations. In France, Bosabo is without doubt THE reference in clog making (genuine clogs are either French, Swedish or Dutch) and gives the assurance of a top-quality product.

Long gone are the days when clog makers lived in forest dwellings in northern France and Europe, like in the 15th century, when the forest industry was thriving much thanks to the famous clog.

During the 1920s, a new era began in the history of clog-making, with the advent of mechanization as new wood lathes and borers made their way into the workshops. The Audouin family, owners of Bosabo, has been clog makers since 1890. It was at the end of the 1950s when Joseph Audouin took over the business and far from abandoning the traditional manufacturing, made it evolve and put the clog in the fashion spotlight. Because, let’s face it, the clog had already left the farmlands a long time ago.

The 1970s (again!) signed the clog’s definite entrance to the fashion scene. Jane Birkin of course, did not hesitate to adopt the clogs, combined with her mini basket. And in waves ever since, the clog makes its continuous comebacks on the feet of the most style conscious girls, without any name-calling (Heidi of the Mountains, Donkey Skin, peasant and so on…). Times have changed.

Comfortable, easy to slip on, super resistant, whether at the beach, in the countryside or in town, the clog is the ideal footwear for a casual bare foot and a simple, earthy look. Particularly sexy even in winter, with long baggy woolen socks on your bare legs, your clogs will relax the mood and higher the temperature, all at the same time.

Your clogs, from deTOUJOURS, guarantee the joy of slipping your foot into a piece of Breton wood from a tree cut at its maturity (for each tree cut, a new one is planted), and high-quality leatherwork.

Thanks to unique Bosabo quality, chances are that you’ll keep your clogs forever.