Maison Causse

The history of Maison Causse belongs to the era of the great glove manufacturers of Millau, heirs to the prestigious savoir-faire concentrated in this town, turning it into the heart of glove-making. 

Founded in 1892, Causse gradually acquired nobility in the eyes of the great couturiers and prestigious fashion houses, thanks to its exceptional know-how.  From the start, the House of Causse has shown a certain penchant for innovation and excellence and continues to ensure great comfort and elegance. 

Today, Causse represents a world heritage treasure as the house is the last glove manufacturer abiding by the rules of art and still supplying the most prestigious fashion houses: Hermès, Vuitton and Chanel. Discover the source of exceptional savoir-faire guaranteeing the highest comfort, performance, elegance and durability.


To guarantee an excellent fit, our gloves are made in the workshops of the Maison Causse according to traditional methods going back to 1892.
Only skins of very high quality, treated exclusively for use in glove-making and shaped by our expert glove-makers will give it the ideal fit to last a lifetime.
Handcrafted. Silver colour press-stud on fastening tab.
Perforations on topside and underside of the glove.
Unlined / saddle-stitched in the main colour.
Lambskin has suppleness and finesse alike a second skin on the hand and is exceptionally comfortable. Most often treated with glace or nubuck finishes on the “grain side”, it can also be finished to give a metallic or patent look.  The velvet finish is obtained on the “flesh side” of the skin.
The smooth and even texture of the lambskin gives it a touch of luxury.
Your gloves will be delivered with their own branded case.

MAISON causse

Lambskin gloves.

Only the most noble materials are selected by Maison Causse from the very best tanners. The suppleness and fine grain make the gloves exceptionally comfortable to wear. For the glove to retain the quality and delicate feel of a second skin, no protective substance is added to the dyeing process. A slight leakage of dye caused by dampness or even light perspiration, is not unusual and should not be seen as a flaw. Also, with over-exposure to the sun, the colour of the glove can fade as the dyes are sensitive to UV rays.

Maintaining the beauty of the skin requires care. It is recommended to store the gloves in a dry and well-ventilated place, away from strong sunlight, at a temperature of between 15C and 25C. Any dirt mark should be treated as soon as possible. Fullers Earth and pure Marseille soap may be used to remove grease stains (dry away from any heat source). It is strongly recommended to have the gloves dry-cleaned by a leather cleaning specialist.

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Driving Gloves from Causse

263,00 €

The smartest driving gloves in the world, “Bolides” made by CAUSSE in glace lambskin. Can be made on demand in the colour of your choice for an extra 100€. 
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Worship side

The driving gloves “Bolide” were created in the 1920s with the advent of the automobile age; the 1950s saw their golden years with the new fashion for city sportswear. With or without a “bolide” between your hands, you will relish the remarkable suppleness of the plongé lambskin leather and thanks to perforations topside and underside, a comfortable wear.


Ever since it was founded, CAUSSE have been manufacturing top-of-the-range sports gloves, faithful to the style and spirit of the original models which were part of the legend of near-mythical sports.

CAUSSE is on the Register of Rare Arts and Crafts, part of the French Ministry of Culture so you can be confident of their expertise in driving gloves. Whether it is driving a scooter or holding a handbag, or again jumping on a bus, the “bolide” gives its wearer a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

Neither Ryan Gosling in Drive, nor Francoise Sagan driving her Jaguar along the hairpin bends of the Riviera coastline, nor Steve McQueen the keen racing driver would disagree… Even going back to Isadora Duncan… Wearing driving gloves in town is the ultimate statement of elegance…