Alexandre Mareuil

saddlery and leather goods manufacturer for hunting

From Bordeaux, Alexandre Mareuil, developed his legend throughout the world by creating high-quality leather hunting gear, cartridge belts and finely-crafted game bags with an unsurpassed elegance and technical superiority that are the ultimate reference for hunters.

Since 1972, Alexandre Mareuil has honed its savoir-faire, designing perennial products whose patina beautifies the aging leather and modern accessories that are both whimsical and luxurious. 

 In 2006, the French ministry of commerce and industry bestowed the prestigious label, “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant,” a distinguished title that acknowledges ALEXANDRE MAREUIL’s place in the world of leather-crafting along side HERMES and LOUIS VUITTON.  Alexandre Mareuil continues handmaking leather goods with the distinction and quality established from the beginning.  


Genuine cartridge bag “English” style with compartment for ammunition in natural leather. Outer pocket with flap at the front, for easy storage. Double buckle adjustable leather strap. Handmade by craft makers at Maison Mareuil, part of a  collection of beautifully made, timeless and high quality leatherwork products.



The leather used in the making of this cartridge bag is supple and giving, easy to treat with neutral or lightly tainted polish. It must be stored in dry conditions. When leather is damp, wipe and let dry in a well ventilated place, away from any heat source.

Maison Mareuil undertake the repairs for any of their high end leather products or accessories, after diagnosis. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us as all your queries will be answered before the repairs are carried out.

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The Hunting Cartridge Bag

450,00 €

This large hunting bag in English style from Mareuil has double buckle fastening and is supple and roomy. Option to have your initials engraved on request.


The Mareuil hunting bags are handmade on demand. Allow 8 days for manufacture, plus delivery time. Please remember to add the product to the basket after completing the engraving request (+10€).


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Worship side

This large cartridge bag is ideal for carrying folders, laptops and so much more than the 200 cartridges that it was initially made for. The large flap is the key to its success: you can easily stash away files, laptop and wallet and be on your way without having to stop to carefully close your bag.

In the 70’s, its aesthetics gained the upper hand over its purely functional aspect as stylish avant-garde girls far from the hunting scene adopted it. Although, it was Gabrielle Chanel who first introduced it to the fashion world as she often borrowed the cartridge bags from her lover, a hunter.

Unisex and versatile, it appeals to a wide audience; from the elegant women who master all the great fashion classics, from the safari look to the reporter style and the hippy chic... It is perfect for students which is why it serves as a constant source of inspiration for Brio Upla and Longchamp bags. Likewise, the high quality and timeless design are very appreciated by both gentlemen of classic taste and sophisticated eccentrics.

deToujours brings you back to the source of this style, to the authentic and handmade hunting cartridge bag from the traditional and renowned Maison Mareuil. Year after year, these artisans refine their precious savoir-faire in the field of hunting equipment, as much as in their choices of top-quality leathers and their attention to detail. Their timeless bags have sometimes been in the catalogue for more than 35 years and, on the shoulders of their loyal customers for generations.

Made with the exceptional savoir-faire of the Mareuil craftsmen and women for the sophisticated hunting community, your game bag is a great investment.