List of products by brand Piedàterre

The authentic Venetian furlane (a supple shoe in velvet with a sole made of recycled bicycle tyres) are becoming increasingly rare.

Luckily, a few Friulians, like Alessandra and Renato, carry on the tradition in Venice, making this unique shoe according to the rules of art and with the help from other Friulian families. They opened their shop, Piedàterre, shortly after World War II, nearby the Ponto di Rialto where it is still located today.

Perhaps, the key to their success lies within their respect for tradition and local savoir-faire as well as their openness to sustainable and innovative methods, making them a respected and modern family company. The whole production is handmade in recycled materials of high quality; it is not surprising that the Venetian slipper from this very workshop has seduced the whole world.