List of products by brand L'Anti Cher

A genuine French label for a genuine Chinese garment, still made in China, this is the strange story of l’Anti Cher: going back to a time when China Blue became very popular among the people of the Mediterranean basin, especially France and North Africa. In the 1930s two importers, one French and one Chinese set up trade together to bring into the French market, especially the colonial market, large quantities of the famous “Shanghai Blue” coat, traditionally worn by Chinese workers and peasants. This modest garment was known from the time of the Silk Road when trade with China was very intensive around the Mediterranean. The coat is sold across the far east by the French ancestor of the current owner with huge success.

In the 1970s, the fashion for China Blue took off among the Parisian elite, to the delight of the owner of l’Anti Cher who met the new demands while keeping his traditional customer base.

During that time, Agnes b. started selling her l’Anti Cher China Blue creations in her first Parisian shop (now an iconic venue), first time the modest little garment became a fashion item.

In 2010, l’Anti Cher went entirely Chinese but didn’t know much success on home soil. It was then bought back by the son of the original importer who has retained the original model and manufacturing process.