The codification used by NATO allows to standardize army clothing sizes. The interpretation is easy to understand and avoids any errors.

The code consists of 8 digits in the form XXXX /XXXX. The first series gives maxi and mini size and the second specifies the maxi and mini chest circumference.


• 7080/9404 corresponds to an outfit for a person measuring 1 m 70 to 1 m 80 with a chest circumference between 94 cm and 104 cm

• 8090/1424 matches an outfit for a person measuring 1 m 80 to 1 m 90 with a chest circumference between 114 cm and 124 cm

Correspondance parkas and jackets

French military clothing

civiCivil Size lArmy Size in cmFrench size
XS 80 40
S 88 44
M 96 48
L 104 52
XL 112 56
XXL 120 60
XXXL 128 64

Certain classic outfits (type Algeria) have very specific sizes and vary depending on the model. You will find the equivalent to the sizes used in 1950/1960 with current military sizes below:

ITALIAN Military Clothing

Chest circumference in cmItalian size
104 50
108 52
112 54
116 56



Combat jackets sizes are in the form "height/chest circumference" (small regular, medium short, etc.) Measures are also taken by the NATO code (a regular small equals 7080/8494)

Sizes Chest in cm
SMALL 84-94 cm
MEDIUM 94-104 cm
LARGE 104-114 cm
X LARGE 114-124 cm
Size Size in height
SHORT between 1m60 et 1m70
REGULAR between 1m70 et 1m80
LONG between 1m80 et 1m90