List of products by brand LAFONT 1844

by Louis-Marie de Castelbajac


A creative hyphen between timelessness and modernity.


Since its beginning, deTOUJOURS has proudly represented Lafont, inventor of the work overalls, by offering a selection of their authentic workwear in their original cuts, to be diverted to the city. And when these pieces had the chance to be so brilliantly revisited by Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, how could we possibly resist?

The meeting between Lafont and Louis-Marie isn’t a coincidence, it matches with a renewed interest in the workwear, linked to a need for roots and authenticity. On the top of market trends, Louis-Marie de Castelbajac was born in the melting pot of creation and his universe is as vast as his passions and his curiosity. He has perfectly assimilated the universe of Lafont, considering their heritage and values, such as the quality of materials and manufacture, while adding his personal, modern touch on the traditional workwear; identical seam strength but new proportions, traditional pockets but an addition of new functionalities such as retroreflective safety strips, removable button plackets at the level of the collar and bottom sleeves, original cuts but bold colours. And of course, a tribute to the history of Lafont and to those who first started wearing the workwear over 150 years ago, expressed through a printed yardstick inside the jackets.

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