List of products by brand Perry uniform

Manufacturer of schools & clubs uniforms.

Manufacturer of uniforms for schools and clubs.

The authentic English blazer produced exclusively in England.

Perry Uniform based in Leeds, is one of the leading manufacturers supplying uniforms to establishments and institutions where a uniform is required (private schools, sports and gentlemen’s clubs).

Perry is proud of its 65 years’ history in the manufacture of high quality traditional English garments.

The firm has a unique reputation for expertise in the age old British craft of cutting and tailoring.

With a strong focus on traditional methods and attention to detail, the fabrics are made using different types of threads all chosen for their durability. Your own blazer is steeped in English tradition, with thread woven in the Yorkshire Dales, and manufactured in Leeds.

Perry Uniform doesn’t use synthetic materials, only natural ones such as wool or cotton which result in exceptional fabrics at a reasonable price.

Because of this commitment, the blazer we sell at deToujours is the genuine article.