List of products by brand Riudavets

In the Riudavets family, a love for shoes began in 1929.  The grandfather, Joseph dit Bep, tired of the harsh conditions of work in the fields and decided early in the 1920s to try his luck in the city. Immediately, he found work as a cobbler and in 1929, he embarked on the manufacture of custom-made shoes. His two sons Antonio and José joined him in his small factory as soon as they were of working age. 

In 1965 Antonio inherited the traditional shoe factory and Jose, who at 20 years old guessed the potential for the popularity of Avarcas, the sandals native to the Mediterranean Island of Menorca. At the time, the sandals were produced manually in small quantities. The brothers committed themselves to devoting their lives to Avarcas.  They applied the methods of manufacture and quality taught by their father to increase production.  Jose continues to personally check each pair for quality before shipping them from his store. 


In the 1980s, Jose started to sell the Avarcas outside of Menorcan shores – travelling to Majorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Catalonia, Valencia and other régions of the Iberian Peninsula.  

Today, Jose’s son, Amalio Riudavets, manages the family business. Just like the Avarca, society has evolved over time. Having opened a store online a few years ago, Amalio was surprised to receive orders from the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and even France.  The  Avarcas remain extremely popular worldwide, summer after summer.