Alexandre Mareuil

saddlery and leather goods manufacturer for hunting

From Bordeaux, Alexandre Mareuil, developed his legend throughout the world by creating high-quality leather hunting gear, cartridge belts and finely-crafted game bags with an unsurpassed elegance and technical superiority that are the ultimate reference for hunters.

Since 1972, Alexandre Mareuil has honed its savoir-faire, designing perennial products whose patina beautifies the aging leather and modern accessories that are both whimsical and luxurious. 

 In 2006, the French ministry of commerce and industry bestowed the prestigious label, “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant,” a distinguished title that acknowledges ALEXANDRE MAREUIL’s place in the world of leather-crafting along side HERMES and LOUIS VUITTON.  Alexandre Mareuil continues handmaking leather goods with the distinction and quality established from the beginning.  


Handmade by craft makers at Maison Mareuil, part of a  collection of beautifully made, timeless and high quality leatherwork products.


100% wool. Leather straps. Dry clean recommended.

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Hunting Poncho in Tweed and Leather

260,00 €

Poncho in tartan tweed.

Leather trimmings.


Thin saddle-stitched leather strap.

The Mareuil hunting poncho is handmade on demand, allow 30 days for manufacture, plus delivery time.

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Worship side

The hunting poncho was originally designed to be easily foldable and accessible while hunting. Everywhere in the world, it is a classic garment, ideal for the great outdoors and mountain walks.

Continually reinvented by fashion trends, the poncho is here an elegant tweed garment adapted for the sport of hunting, to cover your shoulders when the weather turns cooler.

deToujours have selected the best prints in traditional shades inspired from the forest (heather, moss, elderberry, marigold or fern). It can be worn as an elegant scarf or folded in a bag (ideally in the net of your hunting bag), a very British cold remedy.

The slim leather strap gives an elegance reminiscent of the beautiful stars of the 80s, Lauren Hutton first of all!