Officer Jacket from the French Navy, Military Surplus

Quality reproduction of the legendary officer jacket of the French Nacy from a military surplus. 

Available in S to XXL

Color: Navy 

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Military Surplus

For a long time now, clothing and accessories manufactured for the army have had a life outside the combat zone, adopted by the fashion industry and even worn by anti-war activists.  

It is hard to not get seduced by and attached to their quality and clean cuts, designed for durability, performance and comfort. On top of that, they age beautifully.

deTOUJOURS offers a carefully chosen selection of military treasures, never worn, provided by military surpluses around the world.

Surplus Militaire

Upper in cotton, lining in polyester

Worship side

This jacket in a khaki version is the legendary winter wear for the officers of the French Navy. The prestige associated with the officer rank goes back to 1626 during the reign of Louis 13th, when the Royal Navy was created.The elegance associated with the officer uniform continues to inspire the fashion world to this day.

Created to keep the officer warm and dry in cold and damp weather, this jacket is reliable and light, and has all the elegance associated with the uniform, in a more pared down version. 

To wear this jacket is to be imbued with the values of the French Navy, life as a crew member (solidarity, team spirit, strong community), overcoming challenges (physical, technical and human), sense of responsibilities (commitment, willpower, motivation) and the discovery of new horizons.

Warm, elegant and well cut, this timeless garment is waiting to conquer your wardrobe.